Story Syndicator

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Share your stories, keep control

Arcfully’s Story Syndicator enables your partner publishers to reproduce some of your content, while giving you full control and a boost to your SEO and site traffic.

  • Build SEO: Story Syndicator automatically inserts backlinks and “rel=canonical” tags, so your website gets full SEO credit, no matter where the content appears.
  • Grow audience: Story Syndicator automatically inserts attribution and links in republished content, so readers click through to your original story.
  • Simple: Partner publishers can browse your latest stories and copy the approved content with one click.
  • Convenient: Partner publishers can receive a daily email digest or an RSS feed of all the stories you make available.
  • Integrated: Our direct integration with Arc XP automatically grabs all stories you approve for syndication. No human work necessary.
  • Customizable: You have full control — which publishers have access, which stories are available for republishing, how many paragraphs, the attribution text, and any other conditions.
  • Multiple formats: For partner newspapers, we deliver both a digital and print version of your story content.

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